Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Down to earth

Grounding, or earthing, refers to connecting electrically with the earth.

Part of my personal yoga practice has always incorporated a focus on a feeling of centering of the physical body and encouraging an energetic flow through asana, breath and meditation. Plugging into Universal source if you will...

Now I have added plugging into source by plugging into a mains socket in our home, with a knee support and letting myself be earthed electrically... yes that's right  - the mains! I was introduced to this method of healing by a friend and will be forever in her debt as it has been a game changer as -

I am sleeping better, have less pain, am walking more and am generally more optimistic... even when told that the date of my operation has been postponed ... again.

As I am having so much fun with the down to earth principle of "groundology", I just had to share what changes I have made while waiting for updates of the proposed knee op...

Changes are:
  • Walking barefoot on grass nearly every day (5000+ steps)  - remembering the feeling of being a child,  unencumbered by shoes
  • Sitting for 40mins with knee support plugged into socket - official rest period
  • Sleeping on electrically grounded sheet - feeling refreshed after 8+ hours snoozing.
... and soon to add a grounded mat for when I am on the computer... it may even improve my writing!

Walkies anyone?

Now this doesn't mean I am not still incorporating all the other things I do to enhance my life. Asana, meditation, fascial releasing, nutrition, supplements, cathartic writing, meeting up with friends regularly... the list goes on. However the simple change of earthing slotted into my lifestyle very easily.

I now sit earthed, walk earthed and sleep earthed. Thank you, Mother Earth. My recent coming down to earth with a bump has expanded my repertoire of healing tools and although my knee health is not quite "a walk in the park", it certainly enjoys an amble on the grass.

p.s. anyone wanting more info about "groundology" -  email me at

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Eileen's Day Out

.... well, the sun shone and lunch was waiting so taking a ferry across the River Clyde to meet up with a friend, Mhairi for lunch was a no brainer.

Lunch venue was Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, the original one on Loch Fyne ... lunch was braw, my very favourite - scallops with black pudding, mmmm. What a treat!.
Oyster Bar!
It was supposed to be three school friends meeting up at a favourite restaurant however Veronica was unable to join us due to feeling unwell but we are sure to reschedule another trip down memory lane.

It is nearly 50 years since we all were together at Oban High School and with many an adventure ahead of us. Reconnecting with the sun, with a good friend and with my erstwhile adventurous spirit was nothing short of delightful...

On the move

Monday saw me walking the farthest I have done in a long while. Driving the farthest in 8 months and smiling most of the day! Who needs painkillers?

Loch Fyne
Stopping to sit by the loch on the way home to view the simplicity and experience the peace and quiet was just what the doctor ordered. Well he was golfing... so, each to their own.

I know that the loch looks a tad lopsided but I think it is reflecting the change in my own recent outlook. Seeing things differently results in feeling things differently until "different" becomes the norm.

What a difference a day makes, eh!
Now for the ferry home ... more delight. The sunshine bringing the best out in everyone. People all around smiling. Who can resist the stunning views of the West Coast of Scotland at its best... not me and to top it all I have the feeling of freedom and gratitude of being able to reconnect with friends.

Grazie mille for a day well spent in great company...

Wednesday, 9 May 2018


How much attention does eating a biscuit require?

It seems to me that Murphy is giving his biscuit the attention it deserves... and I am going to follow his example with my next choc chip cookie!

Mindfulness is a much misunderstood state of being. You are mindful when meditating but not necessarily meditating when you are being mindful.

Creating a oneness with the being you are and the doing you are being is an art in itself... and yes I know that last sentence requires a reread!

My recommendation is to get a choc chip cookie and enjoy the moment.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Reading material

I have for a long time, written in a gratitude journal at the end of the day. Or as I call it, close of play!   It is now such a habit that the day can't end without my replaying the passage of time and finding a raft of things to be grateful for.

Recently however I have also started to begin the day with gratitude. Grateful for the day ahead whatever it will bring ...

Among the many offerings my days hold are the wonderful authors, I now feel are part of my circle of friends.

 Included in the range of writers of fiction are quite a few poets and philosphers. Well it's good to have a mix of friends, don't you agree?

One such friend is Kahlil Gibran, the author of the famous metaphorical book, The Prophet. His inspirational take on life has kept me comforted through many a dark hour and helped me focus on all the riches that the gift of friendship offers.

So that explains why I haven't been writing so much recently, as I have been researching other people's books and enjoying a wide range of subjects ... from historical fiction to murder mysteries and beyond into what has become known as "metaphysical"!

Well, what else has a gal to do when March came and went with no new knee and the due date of the operation disappearing into a far off time ...

Reading comes high on the "to do list" but so too comes being with friends, sharing a cuppa or a glass or two of wine. Even extending the time spent together to a couple of hours of "due chiacchiere". That last mention is the Italian phrase for chat/gossip or deep philosphical discussion depending on your subject matter!
baci e un abbraccio i miei amici
p.s. fancy a chat?

Friday, 23 March 2018

cosy warm ...

Our daily view ... inside/fireside

Here I am today feeling cosy warm and sitting enjoying some chillin' time by the fire!

 It's amazing how I can fill a day with reading, writing and puzzling. Not forgetting meditating, as in enjoying the inner perspective with eyes lightly closed.  Alternatively, with eyes wide open, sitting by the window and enjoying the outer view.
Our daily view... outside/seaside

My challenging knee is, to my mind, a spiritual gift. One that I am best friends with and at the same time "soul sistering"... with more than a touch of "soul searching"!

I do feel blessed with the various view points on offer.

What is it that you are looking at day in - day out? I am finding it makes a huge difference to my perspective on all that life offers.

Whether it is resting my eyes on a favourite photo of Murphy...
Just been to the toy shop!

catching up with a favourite film
even clearing out a messy corner.

Each and every moment helps me move forward. I read recently that "Change is a journey of love".
So I am taking this as a daily mantra and adding it to "Life's a journey - enjoy". Not just accepting that the changes in my life now are all about love in motion, but also enjoying the changes in the same way that Murphy is enjoying his new gift from a recent visit to the toy shop..

However I am taking it one step at a time!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Timely reminder

Being told to stop and smell the roses is a metaphor that can be easily understood. However how often do we follow the wisdom of the saying. I know I have difficulty with the concept. It seems that I find the adage a hard pill to swallow - another metaphor!

Recently, as in 5 months ago, I received the "gift" of enforced leisure and sure enough, I worked at ignoring it. Not to be recommended as being strong willed (pig-headed) can be detrimental to one's health!

So for the past 6 weeks, I have been resting and appreciated the fact that a friend gave me roses to ponder on. A reminder that the living it yoga approach I practise... is being in the now, in whatever circumstances you find yourself.

Being still, being at rest, really just being oneself...
and yes the roses both look and smell beautiful but only if you take the time to stop!

Monday, 5 February 2018


Friendship has always been important to me, ever since I was a child. I am now approaching 67 years young and after all these years, friendship still takes pride of place in my life.

A very good friend recently passed away from this reality and her passing has given me much to think about. My friend, Alison and myself were part of a group of friends, a sisterhood who worked well together and had played even better together, over the past eighteen or so years.

Many of you will know that I had a very fragmented family set-up growing up and am grateful for all the life lessons this gave me however my upbringing flagged up a lack of camaraderie within the home. No siblings to row with, fall out with and then fall in with.

Perhaps that was why my friend, Alison and myself felt a deep bond. As two only children we were constantly searching for a sisterly relationship. An honest relationship, where you can be your true self, no questions asked.

A search for kinship in like minded souls has been a constant over the years and as my recently enforced leisure has given me much time to ponder, I realise that what I was looking for was "family". Not just a sisterhood or even a brotherhood but a fully functioning family! Who gets one of them? I have to ask. So many of us talk about coming from a dysfunctional family that I believe that this term must now mean "normal"!

I am grateful for the many friends who have been there for me, throughout schooldays, college, work situations and even retirement. Some, like Alison, have come and are now gone. Others are school friends with whom I lost touch and have miraculously reappeared in my life. And a few are a constant in my life, a mainstay core... However all of us feel the connection that pulls us together.

To you all I thank you ... not with the hand of friendship but with the warm embrace of a family hug.
grazie mille mei amici, la mia famiglia...
baci e un abbraccio