Tuesday 26 March 2024

Let's open our hearts...

This month the Power of Eight's Intention was ...

             "Let's open our hearts wide sending peace and healing energy to all"

This much?

I am certain that the intention would be apt for any and every month, such is the way of the world just now. However I was very grateful to pause every day for 10mins and focus on the intention. No matter how anxious I was, the brief respite from the surrounding doom and gloom was/is very welcome.

In last month's blog, I hinted that another, wise quote or even an inspirational mantra would be included in my monthly update blog, of how things are going in the world of Eileen et al.

And sure enough, here we go 

First of all, I treated myself to a new daily reading book at the beginning of the year.

This was something I used to do every year. It gave me focus at the beginging of the day. A subject to meditate on, or some inspiration to carry me through the day ahead.

I know that some of you, who know how many books I have gathered, will be thinking "another book"! but rest assured folks, this book was meant for me... it was even on the reduced shelf.

Stoicism is a much misunderstood philosphy. Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor, who I often quote, recommended it as a philosophy to live by.

The philosophy asserts that living by the four cardinal virtues of self-control, courage, justice and wisdom, is happiness and it is our perception of things rather than things themselves that cause most of our troubles!

There are many famous American advocates of Stoicism. Such as George Washington, Walt Whitman. Theodore Roosevelt, Ralph Waldo Emerson. All great men who like Marcus Aurelius, pondered on the big question "what is the best way to live?"

My husband wasn't a famous American author, philosopher or statesman. Or an ancient Roman politician or Greek writer... but he was a stoic. He lived his best life because he followed the cardinal virtues. His life was one of service, not as a duty but as a privilege. 

And I am sure this book was his gift to me. 

Especially, when I fell foul of a virus that floored me. Leading to a chest infection, conjunctivitis and  more recently blepheritis! Yep I hadn't heard of it either. Since the beginning of March until this week I have been beset by one thing after another and have had to use every tool available to me to stay strong, focus on getting better and make myself rise above and beyond the dark thoughts and stressful thinking.

I had a daily reading to inspire me, an evening meditation of peace and healing to focus on... and a picture of Rosie opening her arms wide as we explored Seamill beach looking for shells. Each and every one a miracle in itself.

That's where I find joy, walking along the beach and opening my arms and heart to finding peace and healing and being able in that moment to share peace and healing with all.

Tuesday 13 February 2024



Last month, I was quoting Caroline Myss and this month it is Deepak Chopra and no doubt next month it will be another inspirational author. This quote strikes a chord as it is what I truly believe. We can always choose love.

It can be loving people, loving pets, or even loving what you do. But it is particularly special when you just experience loving life

This last weekend I got to choose lots of ways to show my love. One of my favourites is by cooking and even the grandchildren quote me, by saying that my special ingredient is love, especially when I make them their mac 'n cheese.

So what else was on the "menu" at the weekend as Murphy and Rosie were spending their weekend with me at Seamill.

Saturday tea time included a visit to my swimming pool at The Seamill Hydro, where the kids had a blast. So much fun was had but of course no photos... you will just have to take my word for it. They loved it. 

They loved the stars on the ceiling, the bubbles in the tub and the whole experience was a 10/10. They even had their Dad with them enjoying "Nonna's" pool. You can't get better than that. 

Love is sharing a swimming pool and then a spag bol with garlic bread tea!

However there is more and there are photies this time...

Sunday was the day my sister-in-law, Chrissie and myself eventually managed to take the children on an adventure to Dumfries House, Cumnock. 

Much love was shared with Chrissie from Murphy, Rosie and myself. Thank you so much Auntie Tiss. Delighted we were able to successfully organise our visit on the third or fourth rescheduling. You went above and beyond Chrissie, especially when you see what the children wanted to do...

First of all, zip wire:

Then it was the high wire walk...

Yep... once again. They loved every minute of flying through the air, see-sawing, running and sliding down big, big chutes and even completed the skywalk. Rosie did it twice!

When you choose to love what you are doing and who you are with, life can be so much fun.

Thank you Chrissie, Murphy and Rosie for choosing to enjoy/love/a 10 out of 10 adventure. 

Here's to having lots more adventures together.

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Sad times

 Not feeling much like writing just now, as all around me are sad tidings. Life seems to be so difficult for so many, both here and abroad. As well as my own personal saga of loss.

So forgive me if I choose to use someone else's words.

Caroline Myss has always been an inspiration to me. Recently her words have echoed in my head.

Will continue to write, just not now.

With love


Thursday 21 December 2023

Andy's passing

 As many of you will know by now, my wonderful husband died at the beginning of this month. 

He had bravely faced his condition every day with a smile, never complaining, always accepting what will be...

... no blog from me this month. Just this

Thursday 9 November 2023


I wrote this poem many years ago when I was searching for some peace.  

The thought process is still relevant today, perhaps even more so...


Peace... just a thought

It comes to mind

It forms from space

It changes fast, and doesn't last

unless... I make it hold a place.

It flies around

It forms a void

It seems alive, and wants to thrive

unless... I make it feel annoyed.

It changes shape

It forms a word

It follows feeling, senses reeling

unless... I make it strike a chord

It brings a face

It works with love

It connects the dots, inspiring thoughts

It's not unless... it's more... like a dove.

It settles down

It claims its' place

It travels wide, no need to hide

It spreads its wings... it's Peace, it's Grace.

It works like magic

It feels my need

Don't think it's nought, as in just a thought

Peace can grow from the smallest seed.    

This month, our Power of Eight group is focusing our 10 minute daily intention on Peace. 

Every small seed thought creates a powerful growth process... anyone can do it... and anytime is good.                                                                   

 Om Shanti, Eileen

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Joy... and where to find it!

 Recent times have brought many adventures for the Auld family... and last weekend's visit to Eglinton Country Park's Dinosaur trail was a highlight in the calendar.

We even got Uncle Kenny in on the act as our professional photographer! I am sure you will like the montage below of two little people experiencing Joy.

Who wouldn't like to be a butterfly ...

pet a deer...

or befriend a frog

try being a bat
meet Mr Fox










and then find a mammoth ...

Then there are the many opportunities to hug. First an owl...









Then a Rosie... and badger!

a group hug... works for me.











and then the lesson learned from the grand-kids... find some joy, Nonna... hug a tree!

We can thoroughly recommend Eglinton Country Park, Kilwinning. 

After the dinosaur trail, more joy can be found in a wonderful cup of hot chocolate...

Sunday 17 September 2023

Official Residence

 It's official! We have moved to Seamill to a ground floor flat to help with Andy's and my mobility...

 The past month has brought lots to deal with, not just packing up and moving but 4 weeks ago, I bit into a crispy pitta and managed to break a tooth that was supporting my dental bridge work! 

Ouch! Visited my dentist who told me that there was no break and that it would settle and to go away and eat only soft foods for three days...

 After many sleepless nights, oodles of pain and having more than enough of a constant liquid diet, I sought a second opinion. Then found that I have a fractured tooth and no wonder I was in pain! Unfortunately the bridge couldn't be saved

Fast forward to the 14th September, early birthday present of dental plate and an hour of dental intervention - you catch my drift! Good news, I can now chew food but still not able to bite, as yet. Soon I trust.

Andy and I are enjoying our new environment. However, Andy had to assemble his chair before he got a seat!









and I went walking along to the beach ...

One of the many blessings about our move, apart from the no stairs of course, is that I can walk to my swimming pool. A 5 minute walk no less... as well as a fabulous beach to explore

Way In

Wide vista
Now I haven't finished relating all the "moving" parts, as Gordon would say.

Gordon has been running a successful and enjoyable putting venture at Mackerston over the summer months. His next venture opened this weekend, Yes, for those in the know, he opened on my birthday, 16th September. So breaking news -

Opening Day. 

Gordon has taken on the running of the cafe at Kelburn Estate, Largs and if his first day was anything to go by, it too will be a successful and enjoyable business venture.

What a whirlwind of changes this month for the Auld family.  Time to catch our breath and get ready for what October holds for us. Until then, I'll leave you with this magic find, when I went on my first beach walk.

Perfect advice for all of us, as we each walk our paths in life...