Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Another birthday...

 Starting the blog with a photo of my faithful companion of 68 years, my much loved Teddy.

Eileen (aged 2) and Teddy

We are both delighted to be celebrating another birthday. As you can see he is wearing well for his years, meanwhile I have reached the grand old age of 70!  and whether I am wearing well or not is irrelevant, as I feel no different to when I was 69... when Andy and I enjoyed a family dinner with Natalie and Kenneth.

 However the recent changing circumstances have allowed us to have a larger family gathering this year. So we celebrated the occasion with nine of us dining out at a local restaurant. There I am sitting betwixt my two sisters in law, Chrissie and Alison, smiling at the Vesuvius of candles. Obviously 70 candles couldn't fit on the muffin!


Previously, when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I responded with "scallops" and scallops is what I got...


The G and T went down a treat too. Just in case you thought I was drinking water!                                               

Friends of ours sent a birthday card, with photos of me over the years, What is noticeable are my changing hair lengths as in the past I experimented with different styles before settling on the one I have now...

cin cin

No birthday is complete without a glass of pink Prosecco. Well, if I can't get to Italy for my birthday ... the least I can do is bring a taste of Italy to Largs...

Tuesday, 31 August 2021


This month's news has flagged up the extreme paradoxical situation of our global society. As some of us are being released from life saving restrictions, others in Afghanistan are finding life threatening restrictions being imposed.

There are no words to express the horror of what is unfolding in an area of the world, known in ancient times as a hub for diverse cultures. Once a land of plenty it is now a piece meal, war zone.

The 13th century mystic poet Rumi, was born in the area we now call, Afghanistan. His poetry focuses on love and friendship and he encouraged music and dancing as a means of understanding the spiritual aspects of life. Togetherness was a common theme in his works.

                        " Together is my favourite place to be" - Rumi

Togetherness is a rare emotion in today's society but when we glimpse it, we know its' worth, and when we share it, we know its joy...

Murphy and Rosie - together.

Wednesday, 28 July 2021


 I had a visit from my friend, Diane, last week. It was the first time we had caught up inside the house... although strictly speaking we were outside on the balcony, but you know what I mean.

Diane had brought me roses and I just adore roses. She also brought a cake and I am quite fond of them too!

However it started me thinking about how important friendship has been in my life. Especially like-minded friends who like what you like... or alternatively don't like what you like but seem to like you anyway!

Being an only child I looked for companionship outside the family situation and have been blessed with many good friends throughout the years.

Grazie amici, 

wherever you are...

Thursday, 24 June 2021


 This cactus doesn't know what time of year it is...

  • It started off as a gift of a Christmas cactus, many, many years ago, when we lived in a previous home.
  • Then it entered a quiet phase when we moved house to Buchanan Street and emerged as an Easter cactus, flowering when spring came.
  •  Now it has decided to flower in the summer. Unusual for this type of plant but its flowering season has obviously reflected the changes in the light variation of our past three homes.

So for 5 years it flowered in December/January. Then for 15 years shared its growth in March/April... and now it is flourishing in the month of June. 

Could it be confused?

Perhaps... or  perhaps it is an inspirational plant, in its' ability to change a flowering season depending on where it finds itself. Or where I put it...

Yep... it seems I have a philosophical plant... even sharing a life lesson with me.  

It didn't change its nature, it can't, is still a cactus! However it still flowers no matter where it is. Circumstances change the timing, not the purpose!

Now I wonder what my money plant is telling me?

Monday, 10 May 2021

Fitness checkers

 Fitness checker - May 2021

  • Returned to swimming - check 😀
  • Two vaccines received - check 😌
  • Eyesight tested - check 😍
  • MOT for car - check 😊

So, yes a busy week last week. Even the car got in on the act... 

Made me wonder though, how often do we check our overall fitness level? I was certainly shocked at how much my initial return to swimming challenged me, as unfortunately my ability to walk increased distances hadn't been sufficient to maintain my swimming endurance levels. 

However it doesn't take long with regular visits to the pool to feel the improvement.

On the upside, I discovered that I smile more when I swim, than when I walk. Who knew? Obviously not me!  As a result of 30 minutes of constant smiling, endorphin levels greatly improve...

Now thinking that I must add 30 mins of compulsary smiling - daily! to my fitness checker, with or without the swimming ...


Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Pass it on...

Easter came and went quietly in this household. 

No Easter egg hunt this year... well, to be fair, we are not big fans of Easter eggs and neither of us are church goers so our ponderings had a more secular emphasis. Spirituality and Easter have become so disconnected in many of our lives that Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs have taken over from the Easter bonnet parade of my youth. It's amazing what we learn to pass on to our young...

Ever since I can remember, I have been aware of my dreams. I was told that it was a common trait in our family, something to do with being of Highland stock! My Gran had vivid dreams and said that the blessing or curse had been passed on to me.

Sometimes the dreams would disturb my sleep and I would wake up distressed. So much so that as a young child I had a night light in my bedroom for reassurance.

Other times the dreams were funny, strange and even sometimes prophetic! Yeah, weird eh... I just accepted that it was, what it was, and if the dream was particularly "interesting", I would write it down and sometimes even share it with the rest of the family. Although I quickly found out that what I found interesting wasn't the same as everyone else!

Once I became involved in learning about the practise of yoga, I was recommended to keep a dream diary and notice what themes were emerging from my non-conscious. It sounded like fun, combining two of my interests... dreaming and writing!

So, many years later and many books later, my dreams and I have learned to communicate quite well. But imagine my surprise when last night's forage into dream land became a epic regarding the important messages we pass on...

It even came with its own poem. Yep, you guessed it, entitled: Pass it on...


In the light of day, I watch the tides, the sea's ebb and flow.

It comforts me to know, that change is ever present, it whispers to me. Pass it on...

In the dark of the night, I see the candle light glow.

It reassures me that all is well, it whispers to me. Pass it on... 

In the darkest of nights, I hear the wind blow.

It awakens my fears but I now know, to light my inner candle, which whispers to me.

Pass it on...

In the darkest of days, I feel the love-light grow.

I hear it whisper to me... pass it on.


Friday, 12 March 2021



here are Andy and I at our zoom yoga class...

I wanted to post a record of our zoom yoga class before my lockdown hair became too wild. Yep it can get wilder folks! Like so many others, I am looking forward to hairdressers returning to work...

Our yoga class resumed during the latest lockdown for a 30 minute zoom session at 5.30pm Monday to Friday, every week. You can see from the photo above that I am delighted to be back teaching a yoga class, although using the new format of working through the virtual medium of the laptop, took a little adjusting...

It is many years since I taught yoga in a class situation. The classes evolved into weekend workshops and then into the extended experiences of spending a week in Italy, enjoying learning how to apply the principles of yoga to everyday life. 

The practice of yoga has always been about more than the asanas, the physical postures. It is an all encompassing guide to living well. These guidelines include techniques that are helpful in maintaining mental health. A subject that has been much talked about recently, although looking after our mental health has always been relevant.

Breathing techniques, relaxation processes and meditation have been practised by yogis for thousands of years. It is comforting to know that these approaches have been tested by time!

No idea what the future holds "yogically" speaking or in any other way, I am just grateful for being able to have access to so many health improving, health maintaining skills.

Om Shanti

The following screen shot will make you smile. As, while I prepare to start the class, Andy is in a familiar laid back, get on with it yogic pose!

p.s. Andy and I are wearing our Chiappini T shirts. Chiappini is the name of the fabulous vineyard we love. Staying in Tuscany, in the middle of a vineyard is Andy's favourite way of practising his laid back style of yoga...

Love and light