Tuesday 8 May 2012

Dreams can come true!

Well... it was a few years ago when at a Tony Robbins event, I was asked what I really, really wanted to do with my life. At the time I was a Chartered Physiotherapist with a busy private practice and a life full of all the many things that a wife and mother does with her time. My answer was: "to have an Italian home that would be a working haven for guests who wanted to change their lives for the better, using the concepts and precepts of Yoga and Ayurveda". A working haven for me meant that it would pay for itself but also that people would recognise that working on themselves was a worthwhile venture.

I had no idea how this dream would come about... in fact, I really didn't know that I had that dream until asked! However I also got some great practical advice... what three things could I do to start the process? Well you have probably guessed it.
Firstly - visit Italy. At the beginning it was once a year and then it became once every three or four months. Now it seems to be once a month.
Secondly - enrol at an Italian class. Attending once a week and listening to CDs to acclimatise my ear to the melodic Italian language. Now it is going to school in Italy for a two week Italian course being held on the beautiful island of Elba.
Thirdly - visualise regularly the dream coming true... and lo and behold someone found me through the internet and offered me the opportunity to take yoga classes in Tuscany!

It's now time to reach out and let the dream happen. Thank you Tony and thank you Marcia, the lady who asked me the original question. The question I now pass on to you... what is it you really, really want to do with your life?

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