Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas came early to Andy and Eileen's hoose...

Saturday the 7th December saw a gathering of Auld's celebrating a traditional Scottish Christmas with turrrrrrkey and all the trrrrimmings. The reason for the early celebration was due to Kenneth, our older son, and his girlfriend Natalie spending the yuletide time with Natalie's parents in Mauritius!

I have to say it was wonderful to get a trial run of the chocolate roulade... I trust the one on December the 25th looks better. Due to the festivities being brought foward by two weeks, everything else came early too... such as the Christmas cards and decorations.

It brought to mind how so much of our lives are ruled by dates, and if you are anything like me... times! I seem to have inherited the punctuality gene! So from now to the end of the year, I will be taking the more leisurely approach to commitments... I may even turn up late to an event or two! I will certainly not be writing up this blog until after the 5th January 2014. So here's wishing you all the most splendid of festive times!

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