Saturday 1 August 2015

Living It - Dreams

Our dreams are our future, the promise of the day ahead

Forming from the best in us to shape our world.

Our doubts are the storms that prevent us taking the journey

Shaking our bright shiny confidence and blurring our starry eyed gaze.

Our dreams are draped in rainbow colours

Bridging the gap between hope and happening.

Our tears are the raindrops of feelings of failure

Shedding hurts, disappointments and even despair.

Our dreams are who we are in our true selves

Shining as a beacon to help others find themselves.

Ours fears are the clouds that obscure the view

Hiding and masking our true potential

Ours dreams are the world’s dreams, they are needed by the world

I invite you to step up...

and follow me into your dreams…

                                                Eileen Auld

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