Monday 1 May 2017

Family reunion

Guess where we have been and who we have been with?

The Adoring

... and doesn't Andy look surprised. Yes we enjoyed a wonderful impromptu visit to Canada to see the adorable Murphy and of course, his adorable parents, Gordon and Lianne and the added bonus of Kenneth and Natalie being there too... and yes they are adorable too!

The Adorables

 Our plan of changing homes and altering our lifestyle to give us the opportunity and the "where withall" to travel has been realised. This holiday/vacation with our boys and their partners is a fabulous outcome and Murphy is the icing on the proverbial holiday cake ...
all the family

Sleeping Beauty

He looks like the perfect angel when asleep but believe me, he loves to be part and parcel of the party when awake...

 Bedtime reading was an awesome moment in his Grandpa's schedule. It even outshone the golf! and that is saying something...

Story Time

The many changes in our recent lives have given me much to be grateful for... and a lot of time for reflection.

Taking time to reflect is essential if you want to notice your blessings. Sometimes they turn up as opportunities disguised as obstacles and I am not sure how good you are at hurdling. I know I have the tendency to knock them over in the pursuit of a goal... metaphorically speaking of course. My legs are just not long enough to ever hurdle in reality.

So back to obstacles, they are there to challenge your understanding of what you are capable of or how much you are willing to commit to. And once overcome, you look back and reflect on how everything worked out despite your misgivings... and of course also when it didn't work out it, you realise that not working out was the perfect solution all along!

It is, what it is folks. So let's have fun with it, whatever IT, is! Life shows up as swings and roundabouts... which one do you prefer to be on...

Swing Time


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