Wednesday 5 September 2018

Diminishing returns...


Possibly, there is not a lot to see as far as difference in size but believe me I have travelled a huge distance in how I feel and in what I can do...

The grass returned/healed after the dry spell and I continue to extend my mileage, walking further, more often and over difficult terrain.

I hardly recognise myself in the mirror as I watch the pounds coming off and discover more and more of me as my weight becomes less and less.

"The plan to have no plan" was discovered on a T-shirt in Canada last September. What a year it has been as I embraced whole heartedly an empty diary/calendar to be filled with "whatever" and whoever turned up! And if you have been keeping up to date with the blog, a whole lot of magic was the result.

As I celebrate my 67th birthday this month, the phrase "Many Happy Returns" has a whole new meaning for me...


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