Friday 19 July 2019


Goodness ... gracious ... gorgeous!

Starting the blog with a couple of favourite family pics, our two gorgeous grandchildren Rosie and Murphy.

Here is Rosie in all her gorgeousness.
She is wearing a girlish smile for the camera even though she is only a couple of months old.
How do they do it?
How do they know how to smile to make our hearts melt?
  ... and how lucky are we that they do!

There is a sense of communication beyond words that connects us at a level of love that is unconditional ...

 And here is Murphy. We thought he couldn't get any cuter, but we were wrong!

Now we have his "Tiger" face to wow his ever increasing fan club. Another celluloid moment of deep connection that instinctively knows how it is that we are all supposed to be. Full of goodness, being gracious and every bit as gorgeous as we can be ... even as a Tiger.

I realise that some of us think we need more help than others in the goodness, gracious, gorgeous department but I know for a fact that being unconditionally loved is our natural state of being!

Recently, I have experienced some personal moments of communication that went beyond words. Such as when connecting in our Power of Eight group in the 10 minute silence we share, focusing on others and their needs. Opening our hearts and minds in a specific manner as recommended by Lynne McTaggart in her Power of Eight (PO8) book.

I have written about this PO8 format in a previous post ... or two ...

Last year I embarked on regular PO8 gatherings, meeting up with fellow like-minded travelers to focus on specific intentions. As a result of our magical meet ups, we are experiencing many, many marvellous miracles and unexpected connections. The following story being just one of them.

6 weeks ago a lady contacted me to enquire if anything in my Forever product range would help her dog Juno.  This lady and myself had known each other over a period of 20 years and she knew that I was convinced of the nutritional power of Aloe since first being introduced to it 20 years ago.

Juno was suffering from some very distressing skin allergies and as it happens there was a topical application in the Forever range that I thought could alleviate her symptoms.

Juno's owner, Margaret and I met and discussed what would work for her beloved pet and yes I recommended that Juno should begin drinking the aloe vera. Well, you wouldn't have expected anything else now would you?

However we also got chatting about how Margaret had come to phone me. There had been two or three convoluted connections/recommendations that had eventually led her to my door. I mentioned the Power of Eight, how all our lives are interwoven, how our thought patterns affect our lives and of those around us and how we can use that knowledge practically. 

As a result Juno started drinking aloe vera, Margaret joined our group and last month our group intention focused on Juno   ...
As you can see here Juno, in all her gorgeousness is able to communicate her feelings ... as just like Rosie and Murphy, without any words she reaches in and touches our hearts.

So was it the focused thought?
Was it the aloe vera?
We can't say...
What we can say is thank goodness something led Margaret to my number 8 door.

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