Monday 10 May 2021

Fitness checkers

 Fitness checker - May 2021

  • Returned to swimming - check πŸ˜€
  • Two vaccines received - check 😌
  • Eyesight tested - check 😍
  • MOT for car - check 😊

So, yes a busy week last week. Even the car got in on the act... 

Made me wonder though, how often do we check our overall fitness level? I was certainly shocked at how much my initial return to swimming challenged me, as unfortunately my ability to walk increased distances hadn't been sufficient to maintain my swimming endurance levels. 

However it doesn't take long with regular visits to the pool to feel the improvement.

On the upside, I discovered that I smile more when I swim, than when I walk. Who knew? Obviously not me!  As a result of 30 minutes of constant smiling, endorphin levels greatly improve...

Now thinking that I must add 30 mins of compulsary smiling - daily! to my fitness checker, with or without the swimming ...


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