Tuesday 21 September 2021

Another birthday...

 Starting the blog with a photo of my faithful companion of 68 years, my much loved Teddy.

Eileen (aged 2) and Teddy

We are both delighted to be celebrating another birthday. As you can see he is wearing well for his years, meanwhile I have reached the grand old age of 70!  and whether I am wearing well or not is irrelevant, as I feel no different to when I was 69... when Andy and I enjoyed a family dinner with Natalie and Kenneth.

 However the recent changing circumstances have allowed us to have a larger family gathering this year. So we celebrated the occasion with nine of us dining out at a local restaurant. There I am sitting betwixt my two sisters in law, Chrissie and Alison, smiling at the Vesuvius of candles. Obviously 70 candles couldn't fit on the muffin!


Previously, when asked what I wanted for my birthday, I responded with "scallops" and scallops is what I got...


The G and T went down a treat too. Just in case you thought I was drinking water!                                               

Friends of ours sent a birthday card, with photos of me over the years, What is noticeable are my changing hair lengths as in the past I experimented with different styles before settling on the one I have now...

cin cin

No birthday is complete without a glass of pink Prosecco. Well, if I can't get to Italy for my birthday ... the least I can do is bring a taste of Italy to Largs...

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