Monday 14 February 2022

February's fun

  You never know what is round the corner,  fortunately for me, my corner featured family and friends

 Not the best picture of my car's breakdown on the Haylie Brae but it should convey my safe, hiding place away from the overtaking traffic... 

 The darkening clouds were promising rain, however it soon turned into snow as the temperature plummeted.

It was Sunday the 6th February. I had just set off to drive with a pal to Glasgow, when the car refused to change gears on the Brae and the clutch pedal failed completely. 

Scary times, however we did manage to make it to a straight part of the road, just 1 mile from home and we were very grateful not to have to abandon the car on the Brae's bends.

 If you are familiar with this road you will realise how lucky we were.

... and that is exactly how I spent the first 30 minutes after the car slewed to a stop, realising how lucky I was.


I had forgotten my mobile... duh, really! I hear you say. 

 My pal had her's, so I was able to phone home.

Kenneth, our son and his partner, Natalie had been staying with us to watch the rugby on Saturday and were fortunately still in Largs. Kenneth brought me my mobile, collected my pal and took her back to Largs. 

Meanwhile Andy had phoned Green Flag and they were going to come and rescue me. Although not for 2 hours, so I had time to reflect!

Sheltering from the wind and rain, I counted a list of 10 blessings, as it could have been so much worse than the inconvenience of a car breaking down. I was most definitely not going to join the car by breaking down myself and going down worst case scenario!

Kenneth, brought Andy, well wrapped in his Canadian thermals, to relieve me. He waited for the Green Flag driver while I went home to defrost...

Monday the 7th Feb, car delivered to garage and unfortunately, for us, they are busy and not able to look at the car until...

Friday the 11th Feb, came the call with the news of much needed repairs and an estimation of an escalating bill...

Today is Monday the 14th Feb, and Andy and I have filled our past week with lots of walking and even a bus journey or two but still no sign of a returning car...

However, no matter how many corners there are ahead of us, it is always worth counting one's blessings. 

Here are my 10 from that fateful, February day.

  1. Wasn't alone, was with a friend.
  2.  Friend had phone
  3. Green Flag recovery
  4. Not far from home
  5. Had on my downie coat.
  6. ...  and warm winter hat.
  7.  New insoles in shoes.
  8.  Son available with car
  9. Husband available to stand and wait
  10. only snow ... not a blizzard!                                         ..........................................................................................................

 14 days of Feb gone, halfway mark! I am now wondering what the next 14 days will hold...



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