Friday 26 May 2023

Unexpected visitors

Andy's cousin Dougie dropped by for a visit. Dougie and his wife, Fiona were moored at Largs Marina and had been sailing around the West Coast enjoying the recent wonderful weather...

They had moored at Millport before visiting us and had experienced their own unexpected visitor.


 Imagine their surprise when they woke up to find a seal sunbathing in their dinghy.

It seemed quite at home and had obviously decided that Dougie and Fiona's dinghy was a more comfortable place to kip in than the usual rock formation he/she looks for!

Vistors are always welcome at our house but when the visit is a delightful unexpected one, it always adds to the pleasure of the day.

Whether that is a Dougie/Fiona combo or a seal commandeering a room with a view!



Talking about unexpected pleasures, Andy and I were invited recently to Pirate Island by Rosie. This is a smaill extension of the beach on the walk to the Pencil in Largs that the grandchildren have named "Pirate Island".

Here is Andy and Rosie posing for the camera and then a celluloid record of Rosie taking charge of the adventure... as she does.


That was a treat for us both and then I got the treat of supporting Murphy's football match at Bowencraig. Yes... it was an unexpected pleasure for me watching 6 year olds running after the ball. It took me back many, many years to when I watched Kenneth and Gordon in their Colts strips.

Murphy's football team photo

Playing football, fighting pirates is tiring, never mind the dancing, gymnastics, swimming and riding bikes... but not for us ancient ones, who are now the spectators, enjoying watching the children at play.

Or chillin' out after another busy day...

... and just in case you doubted our grandchildren's pirate adventures, here is another unexpected visitor to our shores!

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