Sunday 17 September 2023

Official Residence

 It's official! We have moved to Seamill to a ground floor flat to help with Andy's and my mobility...

 The past month has brought lots to deal with, not just packing up and moving but 4 weeks ago, I bit into a crispy pitta and managed to break a tooth that was supporting my dental bridge work! 

Ouch! Visited my dentist who told me that there was no break and that it would settle and to go away and eat only soft foods for three days...

 After many sleepless nights, oodles of pain and having more than enough of a constant liquid diet, I sought a second opinion. Then found that I have a fractured tooth and no wonder I was in pain! Unfortunately the bridge couldn't be saved

Fast forward to the 14th September, early birthday present of dental plate and an hour of dental intervention - you catch my drift! Good news, I can now chew food but still not able to bite, as yet. Soon I trust.

Andy and I are enjoying our new environment. However, Andy had to assemble his chair before he got a seat!









and I went walking along to the beach ...

One of the many blessings about our move, apart from the no stairs of course, is that I can walk to my swimming pool. A 5 minute walk no less... as well as a fabulous beach to explore

Way In

Wide vista
Now I haven't finished relating all the "moving" parts, as Gordon would say.

Gordon has been running a successful and enjoyable putting venture at Mackerston over the summer months. His next venture opened this weekend, Yes, for those in the know, he opened on my birthday, 16th September. So breaking news -

Opening Day. 

Gordon has taken on the running of the cafe at Kelburn Estate, Largs and if his first day was anything to go by, it too will be a successful and enjoyable business venture.

What a whirlwind of changes this month for the Auld family.  Time to catch our breath and get ready for what October holds for us. Until then, I'll leave you with this magic find, when I went on my first beach walk.

Perfect advice for all of us, as we each walk our paths in life...

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