Sunday 9 June 2013

Living It Leadership

What does Leadership mean to you?

Does it make you think of Gandhi or Mother Teresa. Or are you of a more military persuasion and your thoughts turn to history with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar or perhaps more recently the celluloid hero, Rambo! Abraham Lincoln is very much in vogue just now due to the power of the cinema and TV. However I am thinking that we could find leaders much closer to home if only we looked at leadership qualities instead of leadership positions. Qualities such as: commitment to a higher cause; choosing to endeavour to save lives; a graciousness that dissipates anger; a passion for living; a courage to speak their truth... and so much more...

Recently  I had the privilege to present with a friend, Waiyin Hatton, a Leadership Personal Development Day called Raising your Game! Not only did we all enjoy ourselves but we have set the bar for our future endeavours... Living It Leadership is now the name of our game and the people tree is what we believe leadership is in essence - people growing people!

I am aware that I am surrounded by inspirational leaders from all walks of life. My history teacher Mr Murray, inspired me. He continued to teach even though his health deteriorated due to suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. He taught when he could only walk with a zimmer and continued to teach even when he had to use a wheel chair.  My friends inspire me when faced with crisis of unbelievable hardship, they still manage to laugh and make the most of the situation they have found themselves in. Some are even able to turn their situation into a funny story to lift other people's spirits...

 Courage in the face of danger we understand but having courage to face a debilitating condition day after day is something that is beyond our understanding that's why I am committing to the SkyDive on behalf of the charity Canine Partners. I became aware of this charity through Zoe Maclean. Zoe has the most amazing leadership qualities... despite her physical disabilities she managed to attend University and get an honours degree in Languages. She presents talks regularly to clubs on the power of Canine Partnership with her partner Remus and is building a business within the network marketing company Forever! No sitting back and letting life pass her by... no way! She is not only a wonderful example of leadership in action but also of leadership in action on a day to day basis... 

I will be flying high on Saturday 3rd August... Zoe flies high in my estimation... every day.

To donate to this worthwhile cause... click here!

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