Friday 10 February 2012

Sniffles pet!

How are you today? Are you well or like me sniffling and spluttering with a February cold? Apart from filling myself with vit C, propolis and obviously slugging down my wonderful aloe vera, I am sitting back and noticing that life wants me to slow down. This seems to be at odds with my nature as I want to be up and at'em, as they say. So having read two books in 3 days and having written various offerings in the form of newsletters, poems and have even got on with writing my own book, I am realising the benefits of a cold. Not only is it a cleanser and a reassurance that the body's immune system is working well, it is a marvellous healing hiatus in this busy, frantic world we live in... so the next time someone sneezes... Go ahead and bless 'em and know that they are indeed blessed. Or better still when you come down with the cold symptoms yourself accept the blessing graciously!