Tuesday 31 August 2021


This month's news has flagged up the extreme paradoxical situation of our global society. As some of us are being released from life saving restrictions, others in Afghanistan are finding life threatening restrictions being imposed.

There are no words to express the horror of what is unfolding in an area of the world, known in ancient times as a hub for diverse cultures. Once a land of plenty it is now a piece meal, war zone.

The 13th century mystic poet Rumi, was born in the area we now call, Afghanistan. His poetry focuses on love and friendship and he encouraged music and dancing as a means of understanding the spiritual aspects of life. Togetherness was a common theme in his works.

                        " Together is my favourite place to be" - Rumi

Togetherness is a rare emotion in today's society but when we glimpse it, we know its' worth, and when we share it, we know its joy...

Murphy and Rosie - together.