Monday 4 November 2019

Heavenly connections.

I am into my skies just now ... what can I say ... they are heavenly.

 ... whether is it the pink sunset peeking from behind the tree outside our home or the whole sky on fire, a mass of orange glow as the sun fades over Rothesay!

The photo on the right was taken from one of our new attic windows. Installing velux windows in the loft has certainly added to my connection to the sky above.

... and here on the west coast we can enjoy some superb sunsets. Even the westerly squalls can inspire, especially when taking shelter from a down pour.

Then there are the rainbows that have arched over head, on many of my drives around the country. Rain lashing, wind screen wipers flashing and then the magical appearance of the coloured bow. The wonder that science now explains with its knowledge of refracted light through water.

Can you image what the people thought, before science had an explanation of the curved light show? Even today knowing what causes it, doesn't make it any less spectacular ...

Next time you see a rainbow, a sunset or a sunrise imagine what it meant to people thousands of years ago ... as they looked up into the heavens.