Tuesday 31 March 2015

Peace... just a thought

It comes to mind
It forms from space
It changes fast, and doesn't last
unless... I make it hold a place.

It flies around
It forms a void
It seems alive, and wants to thrive
unless... I make it feel annoyed.

It changes shape
It forms a word
It follows feeling, senses reeling
unless... I make it strike a chord

It brings a face
It works with love
It connects the dots, inspiring thoughts
it's not unless... it's more... like a dove.

It settles down
It claims its' place
It travels wide, no need to hide
it spreads its' wings... it's Peace, it's Grace.

It works like magic
It feels my need
Don't think it's nought, as in just a thought
Peace can grow from the smallest seed.

                                                                             Om Shanti, Eileen

Thursday 5 March 2015

Gourmet Reads.

Gone AgainIt's always wonderful to meet up with friends especially over a sumptuous dinner. Last week not only did I have the pleasure of meeting friends but I met a writer, namely Doug Johnstone at an event called Gourmet Reads.

Doug lives and writes in Edinburgh and his books breathe... you know the ones you can't put down, not even for a moment. I can heartily recommend his books especially Gone Again. It was great getting to meet the author and find out why he writes, not just what he writes. Only through the experience of Gourmet Reads, hosted by Edinburgh Libraries can you experience this amazing opportunity. I was even able to dine and chat with Ian Rankin in November last year and look forward to visiting Edinburgh and dining yet again with an inspiring author in April, this year.

I love the term Gourmet Reads as it implies a fantastic dining experience... but also signifies that the writers and their books are also those worth taking time to savour and enjoy... just as you would with an exquisite meal.