Wednesday 27 May 2015

Down Memory Lane

Liz and Eileen
I recently became re-acquainted with a school friend from Primary School, Elizabeth McKellar. I received a Facebook message from a Liz Lang asking if I had been Eileen Burbidge in a past life. With the answer being yes to being Eileen Burbidge, I enquired as to how she knew me! Imagine my surprise when a blast from the past came roaring into view... and with that connection lots of other names and faces began surfacing.

Liz and I managed to meet up... and catch up about what had happened to us in the intervening 52 years! It's amazing that when one connects, so many other connections come together... and the brain synapses start going into overload. Liz and I are delighted to have found each other after all these years and will keep the connections flowing. I am also delighted that Facebook can bring something good into our lives but then it is up to us to post responsibly... more of that another time!

It seems as though this connection has opened the flood gates for many of my "past lives" to be revisited. Having had quite a nomadic educational life, attending two primary schools and two secondary schools on the west coast of Scotland, due to the family moving from place to place...  there are quite a few people along the way that were great friends to me as I settled into yet another "home".

My memories of friends past and present are a joy to me and are very much part of the phrase "life's a journey - enjoy" that was part and parcel of my business endeavour ... and central to my personal life now.

College Dance circa 1972

Friends do come and go, this we know. However perhaps friends also come and go... and then as seen below, come again once more.
Well Connected Gang circa 2015

Looking forward to becoming re-acquainted with many more "past life" friends.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Giving It!

Recently I have been enjoying many charity events... from supporting my friend Waiyin Hatton's Ayrshire Sportsability to our own Forever in-house Pamper and Prosecco day in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. It came to me when enjoying these events in the company of wonderful friends that a very important aspect of Living It... is understanding the power of "Giving It"!

It could be our time... not necessarily our money. Certainly our compassion and for many of us, it is sharing our skills and/or our talents.

Thinking about what it is that we can give to others today...
Could it be as simple as a smile.
Or an invitation to dinner...
if not dinner... perhaps a lunch out?

Could be an email or even a text.
They all can been seen as gifts. So let's reach out to others this month and give ourselves the gift of "Giving It"...