Thursday 24 June 2021


 This cactus doesn't know what time of year it is...

  • It started off as a gift of a Christmas cactus, many, many years ago, when we lived in a previous home.
  • Then it entered a quiet phase when we moved house to Buchanan Street and emerged as an Easter cactus, flowering when spring came.
  •  Now it has decided to flower in the summer. Unusual for this type of plant but its flowering season has obviously reflected the changes in the light variation of our past three homes.

So for 5 years it flowered in December/January. Then for 15 years shared its growth in March/April... and now it is flourishing in the month of June. 

Could it be confused?

Perhaps... or  perhaps it is an inspirational plant, in its' ability to change a flowering season depending on where it finds itself. Or where I put it...

Yep... it seems I have a philosophical plant... even sharing a life lesson with me.  

It didn't change its nature, it can't, is still a cactus! However it still flowers no matter where it is. Circumstances change the timing, not the purpose!

Now I wonder what my money plant is telling me?