Tuesday 4 December 2018

Being the best ...

Growing up,  I remember wanting to be the best. But being the best was then about being better than anyone else, better than the others in the class.

Moving on to career and motherhood, I still had a desire to excel.

It has taken many years, however I now recognise that I have always been the best ... the best at being me.

Not competing against my fellow man or woman has changed my perspective and yes I consider that 2018 was the best of years, taking time to ponder while my body became the best it could be.

I have three books to be grateful for and three authors whose words change my perspective.

2016:  First came Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping, when I saw the world as a drama of my own creation. I explored how I was the author of my own crises and active player in my tragedies and took myself to London to a workshop led by Colin, exploring the who Eileen could really be if she was at her best. Thank you Colin.

2017:Then I came across Michael Neill's books and his approach to the 3 Principles (of living ) and more and more I entered the power of thought especially recognising what consequences my own thinking had produced in my life and the ramifications of  the knock-on effect on others. Another workshop in London beckoned, this time with Michael and I was transported by the presence of the man whose presentation skills showed me how simple life could be. Grazie mille Michael.

2018: Lynne McTaggart's Power of Eight book entered my sphere and my realisation expanded into the responsibility of sharing what I have learned and putting the knowledge into practical form. And guess what ... yet another workshop in London was entered into the diary. I will be forever grateful, Lynne.

That was last weekend ... and I am still buzzing. It was a wonderful, practical exploration of how powerful a gathering of like-minded people can be.

So to this week, I am considering how to take it forward ...

Also I have already booked my workshop in London 2019. Well, that seems to be the way it is going. Caroline Myss will be the speaker and no doubt will shake my world ... again.

ciao tutti, baci e un abbraccio,
la tua amica, Eileen

p.s. my best bit was not the workshop which was fab. Nor was it meeting up with friends over dinner which was such fun. It was running across Glasgow Central station to catch the train home to Largs. The London train was late and I had 3 mins to catch the Largs train or wait another hour.

I ran folks, yes ran! The knees gave me no problems and I wasn't even out of breath as I found myself a seat.

Then I realised that I had found myself once more, being the best I could be  ...