Thursday 9 November 2023


I wrote this poem many years ago when I was searching for some peace.  

The thought process is still relevant today, perhaps even more so...


Peace... just a thought

It comes to mind

It forms from space

It changes fast, and doesn't last

unless... I make it hold a place.

It flies around

It forms a void

It seems alive, and wants to thrive

unless... I make it feel annoyed.

It changes shape

It forms a word

It follows feeling, senses reeling

unless... I make it strike a chord

It brings a face

It works with love

It connects the dots, inspiring thoughts

It's not unless... it's more... like a dove.

It settles down

It claims its' place

It travels wide, no need to hide

It spreads its wings... it's Peace, it's Grace.

It works like magic

It feels my need

Don't think it's nought, as in just a thought

Peace can grow from the smallest seed.    

This month, our Power of Eight group is focusing our 10 minute daily intention on Peace. 

Every small seed thought creates a powerful growth process... anyone can do it... and anytime is good.                                                                   

 Om Shanti, Eileen