Saturday 31 October 2015


Many of you will know that I started writing when at school ... and some of you will have heard that my cathartic writing began after a protracted illness over 25 years ago ... and a few of you will know that now I have embarked on writing a novel! A testimonial, a history, a fictional account of people's lives. Story lines that may well have been true. Who knows ...  not me and I am writing it!

 I feel that I have embarked on a new endeavour. Not quite Captain Cook but certainly to lands previously unknown. The word endeavour has always meant a lot to me... and that was even before I knew it was Morse's first name. It carries so much more gravitas that work. It implies that there is a worthwhile journey. One that has a goal... an aspiration... a designed plan.

 An endeavour changes lives. It changes as the journey's landscape changes but it never changes its focus on the end result...

I would love to hear from you and your endeavours... and I will keep you posted on mine .