Wednesday 8 February 2017

Starting point...

Everyone has one... a starting point... the moment when we focus on the end result and then rewind until only the bare bones exist. Well, we are at that point in our transformational home improvements.

Future kitchen and lounge
 You can see from the photos that work has begun.  However what you don't see, is that a lot of work has already been done to get us to this bare bone state.

Walls down... lights up... old windows out... new windows in. Joiner, electrician, plumber all working to create a shell and then everyone working together to make it into a home.

Sometime next month, I have been told,  it will all come together and I will have forgotten what all the fuss was about.
view of bathroom and bedroom

Anyone's guess

We are fortunate to be renting another place while all this work is being done, so can have a perspective on the changes. Living in the shambles would create distress not to mention some issues with the plumbing.

When change is taking place in any aspect of our lives, it is necessary to place a little distance between ourselves and the activity of change.

Sometimes that can be listening to a relaxation tape, meditating for 10 mins, even just taking 10 or so deep breaths.

... and yep I am putting into practice all of my own advice. As well as staying well away from the plasterer at work!

Murphy all wrapped up

I cannot write any kind of blog without showing off Murphy. Here he is, wrapped up against the Whistler winter chill of -15 degrees.

Another technique I have when chaos is all around, walls are tumbling down, rain is lashing on the ground and not one delivery arrives on time... is to count my blessings.

I look at Murphy's photos. I smile at him as he smiles back and I imagine what it will be like to be in Canada sharing the winter weather but all wrapped up in a warm coat and surrounded by love.

baci e un abbraccio...