Tuesday 8 December 2015

The Road Ahead

Who knows what lies on the road ahead. Certainly not us, when Andy and I decided to visit Cornwall in November... just because we had never been there before!

The countryside was impressive ... if a little damp. However it was great meeting up with Trevor and Linda who we had met on last year's cruise on the Danube. Good to reminisce and great to view the south coast of Britain from where they live on the edge of Cornwall.

A week full of visiting all the famous landmarks were on the agenda. We can recommend the Eden project as a must. If you can't visit a rain forest for real then at least see what it would be like if you could. Although I have to say there was quite a lot of rain in the many Cornwall forests that we visited. It even rained on the plains... that's moors when in Cornwall.

On the way home we detoured via Cleckheaton... as you do... and got caught up an almighty traffic jam on the M6 that added an extra two and a half hours onto our journey. It got me thinking: "How far is far enough?" when you are on a journey... and of course the answer is ..."as long as it takes"!

Worth remembering on any journey...