Wednesday 13 June 2018

Down to earth

Grounding, or earthing, refers to connecting electrically with the earth.

Part of my personal yoga practice has always incorporated a focus on a feeling of centering of the physical body and encouraging an energetic flow through asana, breath and meditation. Plugging into Universal source if you will...

Now I have added plugging into source by plugging into a mains socket in our home, with a knee support and letting myself be earthed electrically... yes that's right  - the mains! I was introduced to this method of healing by a friend and will be forever in her debt as it has been a game changer as -

I am sleeping better, have less pain, am walking more and am generally more optimistic... even when told that the date of my operation has been postponed ... again.

As I am having so much fun with the down to earth principle of "groundology", I just had to share what changes I have made while waiting for updates of the proposed knee op...

Changes are:
  • Walking barefoot on grass nearly every day (5000+ steps)  - remembering the feeling of being a child,  unencumbered by shoes
  • Sitting for 40mins with knee support plugged into socket - official rest period
  • Sleeping on electrically grounded sheet - feeling refreshed after 8+ hours snoozing.
... and soon to add a grounded mat for when I am on the computer... it may even improve my writing!

Walkies anyone?

Now this doesn't mean I am not still incorporating all the other things I do to enhance my life. Asana, meditation, fascial releasing, nutrition, supplements, cathartic writing, meeting up with friends regularly... the list goes on. However the simple change of earthing slotted into my lifestyle very easily.

I now sit earthed, walk earthed and sleep earthed. Thank you, Mother Earth. My recent coming down to earth with a bump has expanded my repertoire of healing tools and although my knee health is not quite "a walk in the park", it certainly enjoys an amble on the grass.

p.s. anyone wanting more info about "groundology" -  email me at