Tuesday 10 January 2017


This quote came flying into my life just as I was contemplating what change was needed in my 2017 habits. It hit home. No  point in continuing with just moving to the next cabbage, it was time for a radical change of being. I realised that flying was not just an option but a necessity.

Fortunately my acceptance of this change was reinforced by a mega bout of lurgie, giving me the chance to physically cleanse. A body needs "enlightened" as well as the mind and soul.

2016 was a year of mega change for Andy and myself. There were changes in our family with a new arrival and a bowing out of another. We moved home and have found ourselves in a state of flux over where we are staying and where we are going. Health too was challenged. Andy now has his new hip and is striding well into this new year unlike how 2016 started and indeed continued with its many ups and downs.

So, it is time to not just change but to transform. We have embarked on transforming a new home, which is not without its challenges but anything worthwhile is worth effort and a consistant desire to improve inner and outer aspects of our lives will reap its own rewards.

One aspect of our lives, that gives us continual joy, is Murphy. This is him in a laid back pose. He is showing his gran and gandpa that chillin' is the name of the game as he is transforming every moment of every day, and seemingly without effort or angst.

Murphy is just showing up to be who he is... I don't think I am alone in thinking that he is adorable!

Thank you Murphy... you have transformed our lives.