Wednesday 4 February 2015

Time away...

View from the lodge of snow in the distant hills
What a view we had while "whiling the time" away at the end of January. Off we went as a family and with friends to celebrate my husband, Andy's birthday. His birthday is the day after Rabbie's so we were able to have a Burns supper on Saturday and then a celebratory dinner on the Sunday... and a birthday tea on the Monday. No January detox for us, saving that experience for Feb.

We had booked a lodge in Perthshire and enjoyed some wonderful scenery and some amazing socialising. Although the social media that Andy and young Kenneth (elder son) were enjoying was not as popular with me as Natalies's (Kenneth's girlfriend) take on being sociable.

Andy and Kenneth

Communication seems to be heading into using more and more IT tools, however I am still a big fan of direct contact as in... eye contact... massages... meeting over a coffee or like Natalie, a glass of wine... and chatting on the phone. No this doesn't mean no facebook or twitter for me, it just means that I am more interested in inviting you round for dinner and catching up with a group of friends round the table...

so if this is of interest to you, drop me a line ...
by email is fine
or even better
send me a letter!

Ciao amici,

Last day of holiday... snow arrived just as we were leaving!