Wednesday 18 May 2022

Friday the 13th May 2022

What an auspicious day! My favourite date... Friday the 13th. Lucky for some.


    At last... 

 old, rotten window out and new window on its way in.

 The window saga started last year with a proposed date for August then it was delayed to September, then cancelled and a date in October promised and indeed the builders and the window eventually did arrive!

 However, it was not to be! Our lovely view of the Clyde coast via a picture window couldn't happen as part of the wall was holding the whole building up!

 It could have been a disaster. 

What can I say...

Everything went on hold as we headed to Canada and on our return in January 2022, we started the ball rolling again. Only to be delayed over and over due to a raft of reasons. 

Window not ready, glass not arrived, builders not available etc... 

... so imagine our delight when eventually the window and the tradesmen arrived. They even arrived early on the day -

        Friday the 13th!

Now the saga continues with the proverbial straw. 

We have coped with delays ... and in this uncertain world, our replacement window is really not important.
However when I found out that the handle I requested was different from the one in situ, "Eileen" lost her rag. 

Over a handle! yep... Such a small, insignificant item that just pushed me to my limit. So much for calm under pressure. To crown it all, I had even recently told a friend that my "youthful/immature" tendency to emotionally erupt had disappeared. Yeah. I hear you... pride and falls and all that...


I forgot that it isn't what you see, it is how you see it that matters!  So moving on, with a changed perspective, I am now focusing on the view, not the handle.

        Monday the 16th May

The plasterer cometh... and "goeth" on the one day! Work done, we are nearly there...

Now it's just up to us to finish it off with some painting... and I am finishing off the blog with a quote from one of my favourite philosophers, Marcus Aurelius.

Next time a handle ( trivia) comes into view, I will remember to dwell on the stars!