Wednesday 18 June 2014

Halfway down (or up ) the stairs!

The month of June is an important time in the calendar. It signifies the approaching halfway mark of the year... a time to look back and enjoy what has been and reflect on the successes and lessons that have been wrapped up in our memories.

Castaway Island
These two photos are memories of the time I spent in Fiji at the Tony Robbins Life Mastery course.
The photo on the left is of Castaway Island, from the Tom Hanks film and the photo on the right is the view from my bedroom... bliss.

A halfway point is also a time to reflect on what the future could bring...
It is my intention to visit Italy in September and Budapest in December. However, whatever the destination, whatever the direction, whether it will be blue skies or clouds, whether the road is straight or winding... what matters is that we have an idea of where we would like to be in the future.  We can start off with a three month plan, graduate to a six month plan and then who knows what we could accomplish within our allotted lifetime.

Most importantly, at the halfway moment, is to take time to reflect...
Holy Isle, Arran
The photo of the Holy Isle is a constant reminder of the peace and quiet that can be experienced in the present moment. The extended Auld family take time out every year for a holiday on Arran and the view of this Island is what we see every day as we practise being in the now.

Much like the deer in the photo below who took no heed of us golfers ...

deer grazing on the Lochranza golf course, Arran
Life is all about being in the now and breathing in all that the present is...what else can we really control.
An oft quoted phrase reminds us that the present is so called as it is life's gift!

So the recommendation for us, as we approach the end of June, is to unwrap our present..
Soak in it ... as if it was bubble bath.
Dance to it  ... as it if was your favourite song.
Listen to it ... as if it was the wisdom of Solomon
... or stop halfway on the stairs like Kermit's nephew, Robin, the frog who knows how, when and where to sit. Click on the alternative Robin below to hear the well loved song...

 Robin's song
Robin's song
... or bask in the sun's setting rays. There is nothing quite like a sunset to bring you into experiencing the "now".

Sunset over Siena, Italy