Friday 12 March 2021



here are Andy and I at our zoom yoga class...

I wanted to post a record of our zoom yoga class before my lockdown hair became too wild. Yep it can get wilder folks! Like so many others, I am looking forward to hairdressers returning to work...

Our yoga class resumed during the latest lockdown for a 30 minute zoom session at 5.30pm Monday to Friday, every week. You can see from the photo above that I am delighted to be back teaching a yoga class, although using the new format of working through the virtual medium of the laptop, took a little adjusting...

It is many years since I taught yoga in a class situation. The classes evolved into weekend workshops and then into the extended experiences of spending a week in Italy, enjoying learning how to apply the principles of yoga to everyday life. 

The practice of yoga has always been about more than the asanas, the physical postures. It is an all encompassing guide to living well. These guidelines include techniques that are helpful in maintaining mental health. A subject that has been much talked about recently, although looking after our mental health has always been relevant.

Breathing techniques, relaxation processes and meditation have been practised by yogis for thousands of years. It is comforting to know that these approaches have been tested by time!

No idea what the future holds "yogically" speaking or in any other way, I am just grateful for being able to have access to so many health improving, health maintaining skills.

Om Shanti

The following screen shot will make you smile. As, while I prepare to start the class, Andy is in a familiar laid back, get on with it yogic pose!

p.s. Andy and I are wearing our Chiappini T shirts. Chiappini is the name of the fabulous vineyard we love. Staying in Tuscany, in the middle of a vineyard is Andy's favourite way of practising his laid back style of yoga...

Love and light