Tuesday 30 April 2019

New arrival

Andy and I have just returned from Canada where we were part of the welcoming committee for Rosie Evelyn Auld, born on the 10th April weighing in at 7lbs 2 ozs and every inch a joy...

Lianne and Rosie

Sleeping Beauty

We were privileged to be around to see Murphy delight over his baby sister and to share in many of Murphy's activities such as gymnastics, swimming, climbing ... boy does Murphy love climbing.
 I guess it won't be long before he is sharing these activities with Rosie and then the fun will be doubled ...

Getting introduced

Brotherly Love

What a happy family.

Forgive me the mega photo indulgence. There are so many happy snaps to choose from and the blog is my way of remembering from month to month what amazing moments we have experienced ... as if I will ever forget!

One surreal memory is from our Whistler apartment. We enjoyed viewing people layered up for ski-ing/snowboarding down the mountain while others sunbathed in bikinis by the pool!
View from our lounge

Now back to some photos of our truly unforgettable moments, spending time with the grandchildren:

Grandpa duties involve reading with Murphy ...

 and gazing in awe at Rosie...

Nonna's duties involved hands on:
They are mine! I am keeping them...
and gazing in awe at Rosie:
Looking forward to all the family adventures ahead ... I bet they will be awesome!