Wednesday 4 May 2016

Time away.

Andy and I went away for a day to one of our favourite places, Loch Melfort with two of our favourite people, Billy and Catherine.

View from our bedroom
The weather wasn't the best. No perfect blue skies but we still managed to have the most superb of times.

The view was still inspiring as the clouds gathered and the sea tossed up spray over the rocks onto the beach and the Highland cows calmly grazed through it all. They have no sense of weather watching but just get on with the job in hand. That of eating and eating.

There was the sense of getting away from it all. A feeling of joy in the moment spending time in a worthwhile way. By that I mean in the company of friends who can laugh with you and at you at the same time...

We walked around Arduaine Garden enjoying the display of rhododendrons just beginning to show their colours. I can recommend both the Loch Melfort Hotel and Arduaine Garden and would also recommend that everyone takes a moment now and again to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of hectic living and savour the moment by moment company of friendship.

Let's move away from weather watching and enjoy ourselves whatever the weather.