Saturday 16 July 2022


 Last week was a busy week for me...

Usually the highlight of my week is swimming, but last week saw me driving to Loch Fyne, with a school pal from Oban High School to meet up with another. Then a few days later Andy and I were on the Arran ferry for a day trip to the famous island to meet up with family ... and then a couple of days later we were travelling to Edinburgh to attend a Garden Party. 

No, not the official Queen's do! But it was still a right "royal" affair.

This week has been back to the usual programme of events - swimming, shopping and staying close to home, however it has given me more time to ponder. Something I can highly recommend.

So what is there to ponder about when all around seems to be chaos, with foolish decisions being made on the right, left and centre stage! 

Well first of all, let me show you our garden. 

It is one of a pair of window boxes, although it is "hanging out" on the balcony, so window box is not quite right... pedantic, moi!

... and when I hang out on the balcony with my morning coffee and drink in the view as well as the caffeine, I can appreciate (ponder) the meaning of the word flourishing. 

My take on it is, "growth without expectation of the outcome". It seems that some things, like plants and people, circumstances and environments just can't help themselves. They grow vigorously, in ignorance of external pressures, just happy to express their nature in all its glory.

Now to another flourishing pair. 

 I thought you would like to see a few photos of a wonderful example of flourishing. 

Two children delighting in having fun!












 and enjoying the awesome beauty of a rainbow...

I challenge you not to smile with them. We all need to find something, anything, to smile about...