Tuesday 31 October 2017


Do you remember the first time you saw snow?

Were you a child?

I ask the timeline question as I know that some people live in environments that don't experience snow.
Here in Scotland, we can get to experience snow in the winter and my memories of it as a child were sheer wonder and delight.
What is this white stuff Daddy?

   Just like Murphy...

Snowflakes falling slowing and carpeting everything in white. Softening and brightening everything around, creating a playground like no other. It would have been an experience beyond any previous experience...
and yet, I bet as a child, it held no fear...

especially if someone was holding your hand.


Let's treat everything new as we once treated snow... with delight. And once the experience is a regular occurrence for us, hold someone's hand and introduce them to the feeling of delight when they face a new experience.

p.s. this was the first "dump" of snow in Whistler... in October!