Friday 8 August 2014

The Friendly Games

What an excuse we had last week and the week before, to be friendly to complete strangers! At the Commonwealth  Games, my husband Andy and myself managed to attended various sporting activities including squash, rugby sevens and the athletics. We queued with the best of them and were chatted to by many an official... not just the Clydesiders but the police, the transport staff and everyone in between.

Whether grey skies or blue ... or the torrential rain that showed exactly what the cyclists were made of... and the spectators who didn't let the skies emptying stop them supporting the athletes... everyone was in determined mode. Some determined to finish... some determined to get a medal and some just determined to enjoy themselves.

I am working with that approach this week too... giving myself a reason to be friendly and determined to enjoy myself! I have taken a leaf out of the athletes' book... and aiming for my personal best!