Friday 10 June 2016

Some day, one day!

How many times do we say the words "some day, one day"? Or is it more of a thought, not even vocalised into speech... perhaps spoken but with a sigh.

Why do we project a future that is beyond our grasp? Why do we dream without the expectation of it coming to fruition?

I procrastinated about snorkling. I know, not a terribly deep and meaningful goal but one I kept putting off because  ... yes, you guessed it ... fear. While holidaying in Mauritius I used the excuse that I breathe through my nose and couldn't possibly breathe through my mouth! I think my snoring would tell a different tale!

Off the west coast of  America, I expressed the doubt that the wet suit wouldn't fit. Well of course it would ... I would just look somewhat large!

During holidays around the coastal Mediterranean waters, I found every excuse I could.
  • I'm not fond of flippers...
  • Can't see without my glasses, so goggles are of no use
  • Waves make me sick
  • I need to look after the children, the bags, the deckchairs, the beach.
I couldn't use the excuse that I couldn't swim as I love swimming but fear makes you say the strangest of things.

The islands of Fiji had been on my "some day, one day" list. Then I got the opportunity to attend a Tony Robbin's Life Mastery course in Fiji. Imagine my surprise when in the midst of detoxing my body and reprogramming my mind, I was encouraged to face my fear of snorkling and found to my delight the joys of the ocean that I had avoided for over 30 years.

Six of us went out on a boat, far away from our island shore into the deep waters surrounding the many Fijian island destinations. I had an instructor with me and found with his expert tuition that my fears were groundless. I could breathe! In fact the breath and the view below became a meditative experience. Not only was the sea alive with beautiful coloured fish and coral reefs but I could see members of the shark family... the friendly ones... moving about far below me, with grace and purpose, ignoring me completely. Sharks hadn't been on my agenda before the snorkling experience but once seen folks... never forgotten. I can assure you.

I so enjoyed myself that I went off on my own and I was the last one back on the boat for the return journey to our island home.

This day gave me such insight into the "some day, one day" scenario. So much so, that for every year since then (2004) I have looked at my one day list and ticked off many dreams/goals/fears and found that each time I did so, the tendency to procrastinate has got less and less. Living in the now and embracing everything that comes my way is the recommended habit of Living It.

The end of the day photo below is the one that says it all. I see it and I remember every moment of my Pacific Ocean adventure.

Namaste folks ... and no there is no photo of me in a wet suit... at least not in my photograph album.