Wednesday 16 August 2023

Always worth celebrating...

It was Murphy's birthday this month. He has reached the grand old age of 7!

 New football strip, Barcelona as he is pointing out to us!

Muphy loves football and is quite partial to cake. As his birthday was on Sunday the 13th August, he got to play his beloved game and share a football cake with his team mates,


Now he also wanted to play Jenga, go putting and even enjoy a moment with a pinata!

The pinata is a fun cardboard donkey traditionally filled with sweets and "bashed" until it opens up and shares its abundance... remember these are Murphy's birthday choices!

Rosie and Murphy weren't managing to convince the donkey to open up so Nonna had a go...

Resulting in a decapitated donkey, much hilarity and a ton of chocolates. One very happy Rosie as she found the Lindor ones while Murphy is still searching for his favourites.

Message to all you pinatas out there...  don't mess with The Nonna!

Time for a more skillful game of Jenga before a quiet time for Murphy to commune with his football cards and heroes. Then more family fun to come on the putting green and a pizza night out on the town. 


oh...what it's like to be 7! I think I know what to do next month when it's my birthday... 

yep that's right, eat cake! No matter what age you are it is always worth celebrating.

p.s. Murphy also had a birthday party with pals at a "trampolining" venue in Greenock! Goodness knows what he will be looking for when he is 8...