Wednesday 18 December 2019


As you know, I love the Italian language ...

"Una festa" means a party in Italian and "festeggiare" is the verb meaning to party or to celebrate.

And so we get the English word "festivities" which we have changed into the Festive Season when describing Christmas activities or New Year gatherings.

For an Italian, festive seasons are with us all the time.
In Italy they celebrate when the vines ripen ...

 and then they get to party together as they gather the grapes and the olives in autumn  ...

 and continue to enjoy the fruits of their labour long after the harvest is done.

 However, in Italy, una festa isn't just any excuse for a party. It usually signifies a blessing and blessings are to be shared.

Gatherings, are around families, within towns, include neighbours and friends and have a focus on a particular event coming to a satisfactory conclusion.

I like that thought, don't you.

It flips 2020's New Year's resolutions into what blessings 2019 brought us - gratitude.
It alters Christmas festivities into events that bring people together, giving the gift of time - presence.
It changes our perspective, as we move from getting into giving - abundance.

Wishing you all the blessings of this special time.
Especially lots of hugs.
Leaving you with a hug from the Canadian blessings, known as Murphy and Rosie.

Buon Natale a tutti ...