Wednesday 27 November 2013

Love, laughter and leadership

Not been as active writing up the blog recently due to being more active with the "living" side of life. Yes I know that you can always make time to write and not just reply to emails; however my time has been taken up with organising a dinner party... haven't had one of those for a long time; organising Forever Christmas evenings... well that is at least an annual event, and organising next year's calendar of events... Which is why this blog's title is "Love, laughter and leadership" and is staying with the theme of Well Connected Life's December's newsletter. The intention is that all the events I organise next year will involve Love... with a capital L! Laughter and leadership!

I wrote a poem many years ago wishing a friend an "L" of a Life... I am sending that same heartfelt wish to you as a download (click here) reflecting what I believe everyone would like their life to be...

Let's not just live a little... let's live a lot! Notice how that one letter, the letter "L" can make such a difference to a Life!

 with lots of love, Eileen
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Saturday 9 November 2013

Living It Leadership!

Having enjoyed my restorative quiet time, I am now enjoying the anticipatory feeling that comes when embarking on a new adventure. No I am not returning to Italy just yet, I am getting ready to present a totally new workshop from the Living It Leadership stable called a "Stellar Class".

The theme is about Making an Impact in your life and making an impact on others, with your life. So that got me to thinking, who has made an impact on my life and of course the answer is everyone! As we all have an effect on each other - whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not, we are all connected and as I change, so you change and as you change, so do I. Powerful stuff eh!

Waiyin Hatton and myself are working together now through delivering the Living It Leadership presentations. However at some level we have always been working together. We both acknowledge the kinship that we felt on first meeting many years ago and when that meeting developed into a friendship then it followed that our like-minds wanted, even needed to work together.

Consciousness has a way of making itself felt. The subtle feeling of being comfortable or uncomfortable where you are. The unexpected joy felt when seeing a solution to a problem. The clarity of thought that arrives after a walk along the sea shore. The immense sense of being loved and cared for when a stranger helps you with your shopping! Ok, perhaps that last one doesn't appear regularly in your life, so why not be consciousness's messenger and help someone else with theirs!

What is important to me now is that I am enjoying "Living It"... whether as a tutor, presenter, shopper or messenger... the message is the same.
 "Be authentic... Live your truth... Recognise how your life is impacting on everyone else's life and accept the responsibility to be truly "Stellar"! Click here for link to Marianne Williamson's quote.

Monday 4 November 2013

"Living It" quietly!

What with organising Living It Yoga and Living It Leadership, there seems to be a whole lot of "Living It" going on.  So this month has been about taking "time out" as the sporting fraternity say. I would probably prefer the wording of putting "time in", as in making time for reflection. This dovetails nicely with the recent Living It Yoga workshop on Saturday the 2nd November that focused on meditation and mindfullness. They sound the same and they are related, however there are differences. More important than the differences is that they both are effective life enhancers.

 As the past month has been one of leisure for me I have been reading, writing and taking time to ponder. I have even been on a wander or two...

Sometimes it is worth taking time out to reboot the batteries or even just check that the road ahead is the path you want to take. Perhaps it is time to take a detour or even stop by the roadside and watch everyone else taking life in the fast lane. There has been a certain level of hectic in my life over the past few months, so this month has been all about refreshing the spirit and connecting to my life on a soul level.

It is what Marianne Williamson talks about when she says "the spirtual path - is simply the journey of living our lives. Everyone is on a spiritual path, most people just don't know it". Living It quietly has been like chicken soup for my soul... I can heartedly recommend it.