Tuesday 27 October 2020

Souper October!

Last October I wrote that October was for me the month of making soups! 

Chunky Courgette

Creme Dubarry

 And this year is no different on that front ... 

but different in every other way!




With many of our family birthdays being non-events this year, our elder son, Kenneth decided that we would celebrate his birthday, not through a zoom video but through a socially distanced weekend away in Portpatrick. It was a great plan and we had a wonderful time just the four of us, Natalie, Kenneth, Andy and myself sharing fun time, bubbles...

Cheers Nat!







Drinks on the terrace.

Seafood Platter
 ... and scrumptious meals!

Andy and Kenneth even managed a round of social distanced golf on the Sunday. 

 Well, we have always found as a family that playing golf ends up socially distanced anyway as none of us ever hit the ball in exactly the same direction as each other! 

While the chaps were enjoying the splendour of the golf course, Natalie and I enjoyed a leisurely coastal walk followed by a well deserved trip to a local tea room.

I am delighted that Andy got to play golf that Sunday as he has not been able to golf since!

He took a tumble while walking up and down the hills behind Largs and ended up in Inverclyde's A and E. Result of the fall is a broken right ulna and quite a bit shaken up... and of course no golf for a while.

He took this photo (not a selfie) while in the hospital, so everyone he sent it to, thought that it was his left hand that he broke. No such luck!



Safely back home
Nothing will stop Andy doing his crossword... even learning to write with his left hand. My hero!