Wednesday 27 February 2019


This last month has been one of travelling. Travelling by car, by plane, by train, by bus and of course walking miles. The only transport I didn't use was a boat. I will leave that for another time.

No, I wasn't travelling incognito, although it does look like that from the photo below. I was in Canada for an impromptu visit, finding out about Murphy's weekly schedule before Andy and I visit Whistler for the month of April. The temperature was -17 that day, so thermals and total cover were required.
There was much to enjoy with the activities of swimming and gymnastics and the quieter options of reading books and completing jigsaws, not forgetting playing with Thomas, the tank engine and his friends, to keep Murphy and his Nonna amused.

We also took advantage of the snowy conditions. Sledging was a high priority and of course after sledging getting a treat ... like a hot chocolate to warm us up. 

Blatant advertising
Watching Murphy at play reminded me that children on the whole love to learn new things and are excited when a new skill is accomplished. They don't give up at a first attempt. They even enjoy what we would consider failure. They laugh when they fall in the snow or delight when they roll over on the trampoline  
     and as for swinging on a rope... no word of complaint that their arms ache!
 Murphy particularly enjoyed the activity below ... again and again.
Cheeky monkey

The driving conditions in British Columbia could be challenging. It could be snow and blizzards one day and then the next day - blue skies. A daily reminder of the passing clouds of life, as no-one knows what each day will bring. No matter how much we think we know the road ahead, it is still uncharted territory.

And like the Canadians, I am all for winter tyres to keep me safe on the road. Metaphorically speaking, those would be the guidelines and adages of people who have travelled the road before... 

However it is also worth remembering to get out and about to enjoy life's conditions when the sun comes out ... whatever your preference turns out to be.

Blue skies
I was told that the weather was just perfect for snow-boarding. Murphy, Lianne and myself preferred sledging. Although I am sure that the ski slopes will be welcoming Murphy soon.

On my return from Canada, I had a Caroline Myss workshop on "Spell Casting" in London to attend. This was after a 17 hour 4 mins sleep in my own bed - my fit bit told me so!

No, I  am not a witch, contrary to some people's opinion, but I am "enthralled" by the many spells that I am/was under. 

These spells are the unwritten rules that I live ... sorry lived by, believe me, they make the driving conditions in Canada a delight compared to navigating life with the blinkers on. 

Thank you Caroline for an insightful day. It was a pivotal moment for my travelling onwards ... and upwards as I didn't know what rules I was enforcing for myself ... and on others!  Spell casting 101!

Phew ... just like the children, I am enjoying learning new things. Good job I invested in some more insight/winter tyres!

I met many a delightful travelling companion on my various flights. A physio from Vancouver, a grandmother from Manchester, a bar manager from Whistler, a student from Quebec, a family from Toronto and a lovely lady from Calgary who was returning home after a four month tour of Africa!  I was honoured to travel with them and learn about their adventures.

One travelling companion who I was honoured to share the Spell Casting journey with, was Naila, an inspirational woman whose commitment to helping others is truly awesome. This lady's story was as pivotal a moment as Caroline's teachings were. Thank you Naila, I look forward to keeping in touch and hearing all about your projects.

Now isn't that what travelling is all about ... the people you meet, the lessons you learn and the inspiration that moves you forward in a direction that you hadn't previously considered.
Buon viaggio i miei amici...