Monday 18 March 2019


It is such a privilege to have choice in our lives ... as many people do not.

For instance, choosing from a restaurant menu is a privilege, often forgetting for a moment that many people don't even have access to basic nutrition.

It is also a privilege to make use of our opportunities when others are confined by borders and influences beyond their control.

Children are particularly vulnerable and are deserving of everything we can offer. The recent Comic Relief event (still time to donate) reminded me of the difficulties some children have to face.

Murphy has the open spaces of Canada and the loving support of his parents to guide him through life and we as grandparents are grateful every day, for his presence in our lives ... but that doesn't take away our responsibility towards any other children "on our watch".

Naila was one such child who overcame difficult circumstances and turned her life around to help others. Check out her website and pay particular attention to the origin of the HISS story. It moved me when she told me about it. So much so, that I feel it is a story that has to be shared.

Sometimes we get so caught up over what is beyond our control that we forget the areas where we can exert the gift of choice.

Such as the simple pleasure of spending time with a friend. Dolina and I go swimming together weekly. We could choose not to. We swim 20 lengths. Again we could choose not to. Then we go for a coffee and scone. Yep you got it. We could choose not to. However it is all part of enjoying each other's company ...

I recently enjoyed meeting up with "school" friends over a lunch. Mhairi, Veronica and myself had attended Oban High School many, many years ago and had reconnected over a lunch or two ...

This recent lunch was at Loch Fyne Oyster Restaurant where I could eat everything on the menu, but chose my usual, scallops. However Veronica's choice was curtailed by her allergy to shellfish and Mhairi's choice was expanded by her wanting to try something different.

Eileen's choice


As I said at the beginning, it is a privilege to have a restaurant menu to choose from. Just as life's menu can also be a privilege. Sometimes we go down the habitual route, or find we are curtailed by circumstances beyond our control or we decide to be adventurous and see what can happen when we take the road less travelled.

And on the subject of roads less travelled. Continuing to walk when the driving hail comes on is a choice. If I am alone, I ask myself "Do I return home or plod on?"

If walking with another, we decide together and it is usually "just a little bit farther" ... and then "enough is enough!" Enough is enough is often a deciding factor when making a choice.

Whatever we choose, mundane choices can make every day an extraordinary one. They can create a life where we will not ignore the circumstances of others but can enjoy what is on offer in one's own life ...  and share abundantly, whatever that may mean.

Could be your time, support, resources ...

Could be a smile, laughter, stories ...

Or spreading the infectious feeling of being loved, wanted, respected ...

Experiencing joy is another infectious feeling and is often open to choice. Below is a Murphy photo to experience second hand what his choice is...
Up in the air