Monday 30 September 2019

Ships that pass ...


It is now the end of September, my favourite month of the year. Not just because it is my birthday month, although that does shape my viewpoint, more that I have come to think of September as the beginning of things ... I was born in this month 68 years ago, started college 50 years ago this month, enrolled in Italian classes and embarked on many other adventures around this time of the year.

Adventures that have given cherished moments of sharing time with family, friends and colleagues. Even some unexpected connections with strangers, taking pleasure in those curious coincidences, when random events lead to the choice of developing a relationship or to pass by as ships in the night.

I have even cruised on some real ships in September, visiting places on far horizons where I experienced the physical meaning of ships passing in the night. The quiet movement of two entities, sharing a vast area of sea but not stopping in time to connect in anyway except to acknowledge their safe passage past each other.

As this September has been focused on sharing "quality" time with family on a fabulous vineyard in Italy (more of that story next month) I had many moments available for pondering on the many ships that are important to us. Those moments were by the pool, on the beach, watching a sunset, savouring a particularly wonderful red wine or following a road to its destination and being surprised and delighted by the journey itself.

Those ships start with "Ownership": what we call ours or think of as belonging to us. Or importantly, the other meaning ... of admitting to being responsible for our actions.

Which leads me to "Stewardship": the recognition that we have a responsibility to look after what we think of as ours and even to care and care for, what is beyond our ownership, to cherish and honour the consequence of our thinking.

Then there is the call for "Leadership": what many consider to be someone telling others what to do, but is more a reflection of someone of integrity, acting with courage, leading the way with what they do ... not what they say.

And in amongst them all is "Friendship": the ability to be close to others, giving and taking support when necessary. It is a privilege to be a friend and one that is not taken lightly or thought of as only transient. Then it would be more like an ally or an allegiance, to be in agreement when pursuing a like-minded goal.

Lastly there is "Fellowship": an unfashionable word with its association of religious activities, however it is the word that brings all the "ships" together. I think of fellowship as working together towards a common goal. One that will not only enhance the present but will create an abundant future for successive generations. Something like a vineyard in fact!

"Quality Relationships" folks ... that is the name of the game ... and many of mine began in September!

Phew ... that expensive red wine was certainly worth it, as it got my synapses working! Or was it the sun setting over the sea that widened my horizons. Widening horizons seems to be what my Septembers are all about.
I wonder what the month of October means to me. Well, I'll no doubt find out about that tomorrow ...

until next month folks,
ciao, ciao ...