Wednesday 14 June 2023

Cuddling up

 Having a cuddle makes such a difference... don't you agree?

Whether it is because you are watching an enjoyable film, reading a book or feeling unwell .... snuggling is what we like to do.

I wonder what Rosie and Grandpa are watching...

Could be Peter Rabbit, a firm favourite with them both or Bluey, which is Rosie's go to programme and Grandpa's least fave...

... whatever they are watching, snuggling up is a big favourite.

However there is only room for two on the chair so when it is time for a bedtime story, then getting together on the settee is the best place for storytime.

Who is reading the book doesn't really matter, it is all about the snuggling. 

Looks like Rosie has chosen her favourite book to share...

and Grandpa is now word perfect!

Then there are the times when you are feeling unwell and a cuddle from Nonna is just what you need.

Murphy came home from school, having been sick and feeling very sorry for himself. 

It is difficult for a child to cope with feeling unwell but Murphy was a trooper.

He cuddled up with me and then slept himself well, with a couple of TV programmes to dull the pain!

Murphy gives the best cuddles, even when "under the weather", he knows that a hug can make anything  better.


Focusing on precious moments with the grandchildren is like a ray of sunshine to keep us going when this recent heat wave is long gone. But while it is here, we are taking advantage of the sunny blue skies.

We visited Kenneth and Natalie in Glasgow on Saturday and fitted in a festival in Partick and a sushi lunch on Byres Road.... we sure know how to enjoy ourselves... and Rosie enjoyed getting her face painted.

con un abbraccio,