Tuesday 23 October 2018

This month is all about ...

... Murphy.

We are enjoying his chat, his smile, his chuckles. So there is not a lot of time for writing.
What a smile

Will get back to writing all about our best bits next month ...
See ya' then.

Thursday 4 October 2018

Plain Sailing

Porto Santo Stefano, Monte Argentario

I mentioned in August's blog that our balcony windows/doors were going to be installed ... at long last. A theme is developing in my life methinks.

The windows had been part of the plan since we moved, however we needed to wait for planning permission ... got that. Then there was a delay in the arrival of the building warrant due to other alterations needing to be considered i.e. a sprinkler system, as we intend to convert the loft. Further delay as we shopped around and once we decided, then came a hiatus while the company found a date in their diary!

So all things considered it was nearly 2 years from the first thought of new windows to their actual installation.

It makes you think, doesn't it!

How many of us still expect the instant manifestation of our dreams or plain sailing in the sea of life? It would appear I still do ... even when I discover that the waiting game was for the best as in my knee saga.  Or that life's storms brought their own blessings ... too many of them to mention.

So here is the window saga in picture form. And yes they are well worth the wait.

How they were

First stage
In the midst

We have an even brighter ... and warmer living area and  although it took nearly two years of thought and planning,  it was completed in just one day of installation. 

The doors swing to one side, opening our room out ready for next year's summer sunshine. Now that is what I call being well prepared...
We are now getting prepared for the imminent arrival of Murphy and his parents from Canada. You can be sure that next month's blog will be featuring Murphy's adventures in Scotland. Here is a record of what he gets up to in Canada ...
Meeting new friends