Tuesday 22 March 2022

Joy and sorrow

Wasn't even sure I wanted to write a blog this month!  

There is so much going on globally that it is difficult to write an upbeat blog when the war in Ukraine is in its third week. The Ukrainian people are subjected to such atrocious inhumane actions that we are shocked from self-centredness to reaching out to others in anyway we can.

... and make us question the sanity of governments both home and abroad!

However I decided that apart from putting my hand in my pocket and meditating on a cosmic fog descending on the Russian troops, my best option was to share where my joy was coming from, even in the midst of the catastrophic sorrow, we all must be feeling just now.

Rosie and her mum, Lianne came visiting from Canada.

We have a granddaughter who is full of life and determination. A joy to behold and a treasure to hold and brings her own unique style to whatever she is doing. 


On the train

At the beach, in the rain.






At the park, in the sunshine



Thank you Rosie for bringing so much joy...

I am not sure what Europe will be like in a month's time. but I am sure that sharing love and joy needs to be a daily commitment to all our children.