Friday 23 March 2018

cosy warm ...

Our daily view ... inside/fireside

Here I am today feeling cosy warm and sitting enjoying some chillin' time by the fire!

 It's amazing how I can fill a day with reading, writing and puzzling. Not forgetting meditating, as in enjoying the inner perspective with eyes lightly closed.  Alternatively, with eyes wide open, sitting by the window and enjoying the outer view.
Our daily view... outside/seaside

My challenging knee is, to my mind, a spiritual gift. One that I am best friends with and at the same time "soul sistering"... with more than a touch of "soul searching"!

I do feel blessed with the various view points on offer.

What is it that you are looking at day in - day out? I am finding it makes a huge difference to my perspective on all that life offers.

Whether it is resting my eyes on a favourite photo of Murphy...
Just been to the toy shop!

catching up with a favourite film
even clearing out a messy corner.

Each and every moment helps me move forward. I read recently that "Change is a journey of love".
So I am taking this as a daily mantra and adding it to "Life's a journey - enjoy". Not just accepting that the changes in my life now are all about love in motion, but also enjoying the changes in the same way that Murphy is enjoying his new gift from a recent visit to the toy shop..

However I am taking it one step at a time!