Wednesday 23 May 2012

Light and Space

What do you think when you see this photo? Is it a question of "What's Eileen up to now?" or "What a great idea to give the room more light and space!"  This is my latest project around the house and yes I always have one on the go... don't you?

Well it started with the chimney...

The chimney in this room had been blocked up, well before our time and there was a distinct problem with its ventilation... as in... it was growing stuff! and when "excavated" we found that all the rubble of the original chimney was piled up behind the wall. No bodies found fortunately, but there had been a definite lack of consideration for the house's future.

This got me to thinking... we have been in this house for over 17 years and I have no idea when the chimney stack was removed. However I do know that there are consequences to even the smallest endeavour. Any time we start a project we find this to be so true... and the original shoddy work and lazy workers had produced major long term problems... which fortunately we are now able to eradicate... but only by completely stripping out the rubbish and making a room that is full of light and space.

So folks... let's make room in our lives for more light and space and strip out the rubbish in our lives that is hidden behind our emotional walls. You know what I mean. Let's make eradicating all the stuff, all the shoddieness that we have chosen to conveniently forget about over the years, our project.... and not just think of this as a metaphorical story! Although I must say that I do love looking at life with my metaphorical glasses on... as even opening up a chimney breast gives an opportunity to enjoy another of life's lessons.
See you next month with a photo of the room completely transformed!
Ciao amici

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