Wednesday 25 July 2012

Journey around Elba!

 Summer flowers shining, reflecting the sunny climes of Elba. I couldn't resist these photos as they completely reflected my own happy mood. Having arrived on this wonderful island, I felt totally blessed and full of wonder at an island so far from home, feeling so much like home. People were friendly and supportive of my attempts to speak their language and as the time passed I felt much more confident at communicating with strangers. The island is an amazing repository of a wide range of crystals and a glorious garden of flowers such as those above... not forgetting the inspiring inhabitants ...
 ...or the inspiring views. This photo on the right was taken on a day that Debora, one of my teachers, and myself got slightly lost from the others and got to know each other better. Thank you so much Debora for the fun and laughter that we enjoyed that day and what about this view... was it worth it? Of course! The island showed its full range of colours for us and the sun lit up the contours and Debora drove the roads' '"contours" with a skill and speed that was breathtaking. In fact the whole day was wonderfully breathtaking. Views, food, driving, friendship... especially the last one. It is a privilege to experience a friendship with someone in a completely different language. This last photo is of the teachers and other students in our "classroom"... the best way to learn.

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