Wednesday 27 November 2013

Love, laughter and leadership

Not been as active writing up the blog recently due to being more active with the "living" side of life. Yes I know that you can always make time to write and not just reply to emails; however my time has been taken up with organising a dinner party... haven't had one of those for a long time; organising Forever Christmas evenings... well that is at least an annual event, and organising next year's calendar of events... Which is why this blog's title is "Love, laughter and leadership" and is staying with the theme of Well Connected Life's December's newsletter. The intention is that all the events I organise next year will involve Love... with a capital L! Laughter and leadership!

I wrote a poem many years ago wishing a friend an "L" of a Life... I am sending that same heartfelt wish to you as a download (click here) reflecting what I believe everyone would like their life to be...

Let's not just live a little... let's live a lot! Notice how that one letter, the letter "L" can make such a difference to a Life!

 with lots of love, Eileen
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